Where the Buffalo (and Georgia) Roam...

Earlier this month, I finally got around to posting some pictures from my sister's wedding in August - the one my family and I travelled to Montana to be a part of. Life seemed more relaxed and slower in Montana - perhaps that's why I've been relaxed and slow about posting the rest of that vacation. :) (OK, don't laugh, I tried!) Not only were we part of my sister's awesome day, we also had a great week with much of my family and we took a trip to Yellowstone National Park. You know, where the buffalo roam...

377289_3809476507669_2040284361_n 556444_3809480027757_1338092106_n

We also made a visit to Old Faithful, but I must admit, I remember it being way cooler when I was a kid. A lot of sitting around and waiting for, well, a geyser. While Georgia tried to snap a picture with daddy's cell phone, she was pretty much unimpressed.

391680_3809463547345_1790517169_n 08.07.12_Yellowstone 108 423762_3809462947330_256259566_n

Speaking of when I was a kid and visiting Yellowstone, it was a year or so before the fire of 1988. If you're not familiar with that fire, it was devastating in human terms to the park, but a necessary part of life in Mother Nature's terms. I was curious to see what it looked like all these many, many years later, and this was my answer:

08.07.12_Yellowstone 088 08.07.12_Yellowstone 092

Many places still slow to recover from the flames, but as you can see, there's beauty and recovery among the still charred landscape.

This time around, I had the best little darn tour guide to make sure I hit all the hot spots!!

08.07.12_Yellowstone 086

And there were plenty of hot spots (literally) to see:

08.07.12_Yellowstone 081 08.07.12_Yellowstone 077 08.07.12_Yellowstone 211 08.07.12_Yellowstone 215

And there were the nice, cool spots:

08.07.12_Yellowstone 034 08.07.12_Yellowstone 012 08.07.12_Yellowstone 026 08.07.12_Yellowstone 019 08.07.12_Yellowstone 151 530109_3809489507994_485049141_n

And we certainly learned - HEED this sign!

296742_3809470347515_41434685_n 292979_3809468627472_201983737_n 08.07.12_Yellowstone 187

Georgia, however, got bored of this bear all the way on the other side of the river and decided rock piles were much cooler.

08.07.12_Yellowstone 198

Yellowstone National Park stayed true to most of my childhood memories - it was rustic, colorful, wild, beautiful, varied, majestic and everything in between. I'm so happy now my daughter will have some memories of it as well, and my hubby too - who now knows what a Continental Divide is! :)

08.07.12_Yellowstone 131

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