Christmas Parading Down the Street

It was our first Christmas parade. I can't remember ever going to a Christmas parade and my husband can't remember going to any parade. So when I learned our new home area has a Christmas parade in almost every town, there was no question we would head to one of them.

So we headed out Saturday morning to Morehead City, NC. It's the city near the beach area and one that we drive through often as, if you read this blog at all you know, we are always at the beach. It wasn't hard to find the parade route, people were already staking out spots. But they had blankets and chairs and... oops... we did not. Mommy mis-step #1,327. OK, I'm making a mental note of that for next time.

So we found our spot and sat down in the grass. About 20 minutes of toddler-fidgeting later and... here comes the parade!!

12.10.11 162

We live in an area with several U.S. Marine bases, so of course the Marine band was first up. Georgia loved the music and kept saying "trumpet."
12.10.11 164
12.10.11 171-2
12.10.11 170-2
12.10.11 173-2

And what parade near the beach would be complete without a boat... or two.
12.10.11 183-2
12.10.11 269
12.10.11 191-2

Georgia though, quickly discovered her favorite thing about the Christmas parade... and it wasn't Santa. No, it was the candy. Holy crap did they throw a lot of candy. Forget Halloween... there's Christmas parades here and you just sit. The candy comes to you!
12.10.11 257
12.10.11 285

As the parade went on and Georgia's candy pile grew, her tolerance for the loud bands and sirens did not.
12.10.11 260
12.10.11 236
12.10.11 223

The Christmas parade was more awesome than we even imagined, and it lasted more than an hour. I'm starting to like our new home state more and more.

12.10.11 199-2
12.10.11 175-2
12.10.11 248
12.10.11 275

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