Santa Success!!

Georgia has never sat on Santa's lap. She has never met Santa. In fact, except for a brief brush with a candy-cane bearing man in red at the grocery store, Georgia has never been in the same room as the mighty HO, HO, HOer.

So I had the genius idea of doing a breakfast with Santa this past weekend. What could go wrong, right? Dozens of kids running around on a pancake syrup high and a jolly bearded man dressed in red waiting to pose for pictures and listen to the Christmas desires of said kids on sugar highs. Did I mention there was also cookie decorating (and eating) at breakfast? Genius... pure genius.

The cookie decorating went very well (no surprise there):

12.03.11 010
12.03.11 018-2

(as you see these pictures, forgive the mom-fail that my daughter did not have a Christmas outfit on. I never bought one! I'm still learning...)

And as I've said before, Georgia is ALL about Christmas this year and loved all the Christmas decorations:
12.03.11 058

And then we waited and waited and waited in line to see the big man himself. Notice though, the hubby and daughter were keeping themselves entertained! :)
12.03.11 023

Did I also mention Georgia right now is quite shy around men and boys she doesn't know? Women too, it's just worse with the male portion of our society.

Then (after 45 minutes) it was our turn! Santa was just a stage length away!! My hubby walked her up the steps and I assumed my mom-with-camera position... and...

santa montage

She loved Santa! Ran up to the present-king with open arms. It could not have gone better. My husband was a little sad that Georgia left him behind so quickly, but what a great early Christmas present for these two parents - a good breakfast and a happy girl (on her own sugar- and now Santa-high).

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