The Lights are Shining Bright... Just Not in My House.

Georgia is fascinated by Christmas this year. No let me rephrase that. Georgia is FASCINATED and slightly OBSESSED with all things Christmas this year.

As we drive around during the day or dare walk into a Target or Wal-Mart or any store really, all we hear over and over is "Christmas stuff!" and "Christmas stuff, Mama!" and "Christmas stuff, Dada!". As we drive around at night, it's pretty much the same thing, just replace the word stuff with lights. It's cute really, it really is.

So tonight I just had to fill my daughter's eyes with this:

12.02.11 018

Our town of New Bern, NC, lit its Christmas tree tonight. It's our first night back in town after almost a week in Georgia visiting my family (more to come on that later, I promise), and even though I was hoping for just a relaxing night at home, I knew we couldn't miss the tree lighting.

And I was right. Just look at this face the moment the flipped the switch.
12.02.11 017

Georgia spent the night alternating between dancing around in circles to the Christmas carols, smiling shyly at the other kids around her and touching all the ornaments on the tree within her reach.
12.02.11 021

We had a great time and what a great way to kick off the Christmas season in our new hometown. And after all, there's not a single Christmas light in our house yet, so Georgia had to get her shiny fix somehow.

I think it's time to go pull down the Christmas boxes from the attic...

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