NC Snow!!!

We've lived here in our new home in North Carolina for more than a year and a half now, and we finally just had our first snowfall! Yay! Now, granted, this is a southern snowfall, so the hype was much more than the snow amount. Having lived in Omaha, NE, the five years previous to this, I had almost forgotten how fleeting snow here can be.

But we got snow... all 1/4 of an inch of it! And Georgia loved every little icy snowflake.

02.17.13-11 02.17.13-12 02.17.13-19

Of course, she and her daddy had to conspire against me to make sure I was hit with my fair share of snowballs...

02.17.13-22 02.17.13-23 02.17.13-24

And even though there wasn't much snow there, we made snow angels.

02.17.13-33 02.17.13-27 02.17.13-34 02.17.13-35

It was a beautiful day...

02.17.13-46 02.17.13-41

... finished off by a perfect cup of hot chocolate just before the sun melted away all the snow around noon.


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