January 17, 2010 - Soap, Washcloth, Water Temp... Ahhh!

As I've posted before, I love bath time with Georgia and she loves it as well. Daddy, however, has been a little hesitant to take on the bath time challenge. But he's trying and learning and doing great at it. Today was his second go of it and I caught Georgia staring up at him as he got the washcloth ready.
I guess I can understand why it's such a daunting task for him. Afterall, I was a little nervous during the first couple of tries. Here you have this wet, squirming, slippery baby and you're washing her with soap - making her even more slippery in your grasp. I was constantly checking the water temperature, constantly making sure her nose and mouth didn't get near the water level, constantly making sure soap wasn't in her eyes (even though it 's tearless). And I'd never washed a little baby. Yeah, baby times were a little scary the first time or two but now I love watching Georgia love them.

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