January 29, 2010 - Gathering Dust

So when I was still pregnant, my husband and I (ok, more me) went through the normal ritual of getting Georgia's nursery ready. I read dozens of safety reviews and parent reviews to find the safest crib, and then we went out and spent way too much money on it. It's about time that poor crib gets some attention, hence today's picture.

01.29.10 blog

Georgia has yet to sleep in it. Yeah, she has been in it for a few minutes to watch the mobile go round and round, but that's it. We have a co-sleeper crib that sits beside our bed and that's where you can find her every night. Honestly, she might be ready for her big crib, but I'm not. I still need to wake up every now and then to make sure she's still breathing, plus I need to be close enough to hear every cry, cough and coo. Call me crazy!

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