January 18, 2010 - Monthly Owies

Every month, yes every month, comes a day I hate, dread and loathe. Georgia should actually hate it more than I do but seems to handle it much better than me. I'm sure it's because she's oblivious to the fact that a horrible round of shots are coming her way. Today was round two. We do an alternative immunization schedule which gives her less shots at a time but of course we must go in more often. Hence the every month routine right now. But I must say it's worked wonderfully for us. She's never had any of the side effects I've heard other mothers describe - fever, fussiness, lack of appetite - after a round of 6+ immunizations. In fact, after a minute or two of tears, you'd never know she'd had any shots that day. Except for, of course, the neon band-aids.

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