December 30, 2010 - The End is Coming...

There are signs everywhere the end is coming.

Colorful lights no longer bright now sit dark....

12.30.10 008

Cheerful bulbs and ornaments that bring so many smiles are now boxed...

12.30.10 002-2

The angel, a gift from my mom, now sits atop an empty tree with her lights out and the fate of a box within a box awaiting her.

12.30.10 007-2

The end of the holidays, without a doubt my favorite time of year, means the end of the year is near. Taking down the decorations, a few as old as I am, means taking down tradition and familiarity. I fall in love with each decoration all over again every year. It's like packing away friends.

Until this time next year my friends, enjoy the rest.

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