December 31, 2010 - Good-bye 2010!

Wow, what a year it has been!

I started 2010 with this tiny little being who I still barely knew, but who at the same time was more familiar to me than myself. Now, on this last day of the year, that little being is a baby no longer but a little girl. She is walking, she is talking, she tries to assert her independence, she truly has her own little personality - strike that, a very big personality - she has become Georgia. I question whether we will ever see another year with so much change in those 365 days.

I can sum up the year with just a few words - oh how I love that little girl.

So here's a look at some of my favorite things from this year and things I've come to appreciate:

Toys are now the new decorating tools I use in my home, coffee is my saving grace, little tongues sticking out of little mouths, a refrigerator now covered in little girl artwork...

12.31.10 collage 1

Little girl smiles and a finger that always seems to find her mouth, hand-me-downs (this one a toy from my sister), little fingers and sippy cups, a little girl liking Nutella (or in this case the store version)...

12.31.10 collage 2

Tiny toothbrushes and training toothpaste, my husband who gives me strength and shows me love and keeps me sane when he's not driving me crazy, friends and family members (and the ones who send Christmas cards get bonus points), colorful plastic spoons that fit tiny mouths and just scream "a little girl lives here"...

12.31.10 collage 3

Little girl yawns, tiny feet minus shoes, hair that now brushes her neck and occasionally sports tiny curls...

12.31.10 collage 4

And here are some of my favorite pictures from 2010. Bear with me, this could be a little long, but I hope you enjoy the look back. :)

December 2010

12.26.10 047

12.28.10 057

November 2010

11.13.10 061

October 2010

10.10.10 028

10.11.10 025

10.19.10 014

10.26.10 004

September 2010

09.19.10 089-2

August 2010

08.11.10 012-2

08.31.10 018

July 2010

07.01.10 021

07.12.10 061

07.23.10 004

June 2010

06.03.10 039

06.06.10 009

May 2010

05.05.10 008

05.23.10 012

05.24.10 016

05.31.10 027-2

April 2010

04.21.10 BLOG

04.19.10 BLOG33

March 2010

03.08.10 BLOG

03.22.10 BLOG

03.29.10 BLOG3

February 2010

02.09.10 bump

02.07.10 bump

02.28.10 BLOG3

02.27.10 BLOG5

January 2010

01.03.10 blog

01.26.10 web

01.12.10 blog

"In my daughter's eyes, everyone is equal, darkness turns to light and the world is at peace. This miracle God gave to me, gives me strength when I am weak. I find reason to believe in my daughter's eyes."

Hello 2011.

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