15 Months and Counting....

15 months + no dates = not so good.

This is what I have learned. My daughter was born 15 months ago, and it has been 15 months since my husband and I have had an evening out alone. To say (or type) that out loud is a little shocking actually. In 15 months there have been no romantic dinners in a dimly-lit restaurant, no nights at the theater, no dessert and coffee while talking for hours about things that fascinate or puzzle us, nada.

We did have one lunch with just the two of us on our two year anniversary. But we had to do that over Ben's lunch break, so it was quite rushed. Then there was a Monday afternoon where we dropped Georgia off to go see a movie. But there wasn't really time for a meal and to be honest, it was kind of an awkward afternoon. So I'm not counting either of those.

There have been plenty of rushed meals out to make it home before Georgia's nap time or my leaving for work, several movies on the couch with the volume down low so as not to wake the baby and pausing it every time she does stir, trips to the zoo, walks in the park, meals out that include me scrapping up half-chewed food and syrup-covered crayons off the floor before we leave - and all of these have included Georgia.

Not that Georgia-in-tow is a bad thing - we love her company - but we are WAY overdue for some Jaime and Ben time. So what's stopping us?

Hmmm... pretty much that I haven't wanted to leave her with anyone who isn't family, and our nearest family member is a 12 hour drive away. And even if we did live near family, I can only think of three family members I'd leave Georgia with alone anyway. (I'll withhold those names to keep everyone guessing). Bottom line is, I'm picky when it comes to my baby, perhaps too picky, and that pickiness is not making things more romantic around this house. There's a reason why you should not move too far from home, and that reason is all too obvious to me right now. When they say it takes a village, it sure the hell does!

Now if I can just find my village... and a couple of candles.

Jodi  – (January 18, 2011 at 11:00 AM)  

I better be one of the three!! Why don't you just put her on a plane to MT?

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