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After a post and picture(s) almost every day of 2010, I would like to say I took myself kicking and screaming into 2011 with a "no new post for a while" requirement. But only part of that is true. I have to admit, there was no kicking and screaming. I need to put the laptop down and step away from it. I needed to not feel pressure every night when I came home from work to stay up until one a.m. to edit pictures. I needed to not find a reason to snap pictures of Georgia every day. Perhaps all of that was some New Year's resolution I neglected to realize until this moment. Whatever it was, it has been nice.

But I must admit, I've missed sitting down to type out thoughts and feelings and attempts at humor on this small glowing screen, so here I am tonight. It seems fitting that I'd get back to it on the 13th. After all, don't all the good things in life happen on the 13th? :)

Georgia is 15 months old today. We're getting terribly close to 18 months, which will then be terribly close to 24 months, which all means this mama can't believe her baby's so dang big! Wow, 15 months, really?!?! But what's even more of a slap of "my baby is a toddler" reality is how grown up she is acting. Wow, does this kid have some attitude when she wants to have it. My, my, whomever did she get that from?

She can throw a temper tantrum with the best of them when she doesn't get her way. She's started pointing and things and just doing this half-grunt, expecting my husband or I to jump up and get what ever she's desiring at the moment. She is asserting her independence. No, let me repeat that, she is ramming her independent streak down our throats. Where did this mini adult come from?

Georgia's vocabulary is also growing, as is her comprehension. She has known what a tree is for a while and would call our dogs a dog, but now she does it for dogs on TV and in magazines and books too. She points at a car (or a truck or a van) and says "car." She knows what a freakin' car is! She will also say cup and has tried out fish. Mama has become mom or mommy. It is amazing to watch.

And we went to the zoo a couple weekends ago, and for the first time Georgia actually "got" the zoo. It was so much fun.

01.02.11 035

01.02.11 013

01.02.11 024

01.02.11 050

01.02.11 072

Zoos are exhausting (notice the new stuffed lion she's holding).

01.02.11 081-2

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