Coloring the World

We crossed over into another one of those really kid-like moments, you know, the things that just scream, "I AM A KID!!!" These moments always make my heart skip a beat and as I look at my daughter, make me say to myself, "by golly, I'm a mom." Yeah, I know, like the food throwing and the horrid-smelling diapers and the child flailing her arms and rolling around on the ground don't remind me often enough. But there are those certain things the define childhood, and when we come (or stumble) across them, it makes Georgia even that much more real in my life.

So Georgia now loves to color. She didn't get it for the longest time, she just wanted to see if a red crayon tasted and different than a purple one. And she ended up with red and purple teeth several times. But one day crayon connected to paper and an artist was born.

01.17.11 034

01.17.11 038

01.17.11 031

I could watch her for hours as she searches for just the right way to hold the crayon, as she tests out each color, as she creates masterpieces to her mother's eye. These are magical, colorful moments.

01.17.11 036

01.17.11 008

01.17.11 019

01.17.11 022

Jen Hendrickson  – (January 20, 2011 at 4:31 PM)  

Uh oh...better buy a ton of Magic Erasers!! Pretty soon those crayons and the cute little artist will be creating masterpieces all over the house! She is so precious.

Stephanie Doyle  – (January 22, 2011 at 2:19 PM)  

She is so sweet! Hunter is still in the phase that he wants to taste them. Great pictures :)

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