August 30, 2010 - On the Lake

It's our first full day of vacation! No travelling today, just time on Lake George in New York. Georgia lets nothing faze her and is accepting the new location, the new people, the no air conditioning (yes, you read that right - gulp) just fine. You'd never know her world had consisted of mostly our home and daycare before now.

Not only are there cousins and second cousins and an aunt and great-grandparents and great aunts and uncles... there are crayfish too.

08.30.10 024

Of yes, I became a kid again and went searching under rocks for these creepy-crawlies of the lake. I used to spend hours catching them here as a kid. Georgia though didn't seem to think much of the crayfish yet. Just wait, the day will come.

But she loved the water and the sand. Running her fingers through it...

08.30.10 044

... and giving it a taste.

08.30.10 048

Daddy to the rescue. Georgia, little girls don't eat sand.

08.30.10 049

Later her five-year-old cousins decided Georgia needed decorating...

08.30.10 060

My little flower is really starting to bloom and grow and become her own person. It becomes obvious when she gets the chance to interact with others and absorb and handle so many new situations.

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