September 11, 2010 - My Little Contortionist

I was watching my husband give Georgia a bottle today. I like to sit to the side and watch them. They are so wonderful and beautiful together. Georgia loves her daddy so, and have I mentioned how wonderful of a daddy he is? Watching them, my heart grows butterfly wings and goes flying around my chest - pitter patter, pitter patter. I don't know much else that is more satisfying and can fill me to the brim with love... lots of love here baby!

But it never fails when my heart is about to burst, no matter what the reason, Georgia likes to find a little way to sneak some laughter in there too. I tell ya, she's the whole package.

Today it was watching her different poses as she eats.

09.11.10 006

09.11.10 004

Georgia also got a hold of her first whole apple today - closely (very closely) supervised of course.

09.11.10 012

She broke the skin with her teeth and then just kept sucking. (yeah, it's blurry, but for the life of me I could not get a good picture of the girl and her apple)

09.11.10 019

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