September 1, 2010 - Road Trip!

Our day started where it should at a lake - on the beach.

It's a place that draws us in day after day, a place where we gather to share family stories, drink adult beverages, talk of things to come, laugh, dream and on this trip, remember a mother who would have loved nothing more than to be right here.

We also watch littles dig their toes in the sand...

09.01.10 008

We were treated to the sight of my niece screaming and dancing in circles...

09.01.10 003-3

The reason behind it? Her daddy's impromptu jam session.

09.01.10 016

But for my family, time on the beach was limited today. A road trip awaited us. We'll call it a working vacation from New York to Maine.

Our trip would not be complete without a ferry ride across the lake, no bridges here!

09.01.10 045

09.01.10 033

With the car parked on the ferry, Georgia thought she was something when she got to take the wheel.

09.01.10 050

And we're off for five and a half hours of driving plus who knows how many stops along the way.

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