September 3, 2010 - Beautiful Things

A lake in itself is beautiful - the way the waves gently caress the sand and brush up against your legs, the ducks who swim by as if they have not a care in the world but instantly take notice when a piece of bread appears, the way a rowboat slips through the water as it carries it passengers to familiar little islands and the sunrise casting a myriad of colors that bounce off the glistening water - it is all beautiful.

But there are other things I find beautiful about time at the lake.

The trees.

09.03.10 032

They surround us and put me instantly at ease. There is something magical about looking up into a canopy of dancing, shimmying leaves.

The babes. (the children kind)

09.03.10 023

Everything is so new and innocent in their eyes. Something as simple as a lollipop becomes the highlight of a day. Just ask for proof and you'll be met with a blue or purple or green tongue.

09.03.10 013

The bonfires.

09.03.10 044

What is it about fires that mesmerizes? Every night we gather to leave another day behind us. We talk about anything and everything. Nothing is secret around a roaring bonfire. And of course there are those wonderful concoctions of melted marshmallow, gooey chocolate and crisp graham crackers. We have s'mores, lots and lots of s'mores.

There is so much beauty at the lake. So much of it, yes, is nature's creation. But it's also found in the people, the family, who gathers at the lake's edge day after day.

09.03.10 028

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