August 31, 2010 - Something New, Something Borrowed...

... but it wasn't blue - green and brown actually. A trip across the country required a place for Georgia to sleep, so my sister brought along her pack-n-play for Georgia (hence the borrowed). And because we don't own one, this was Georgia's first time in a PNP (hence the new).

We found it not only made a good bed, but a good place to corral our little at the picnic tables while we tried to eat breakfast.

08.31.10 018

And her cousins thought it was the best because they could talk to her, pet her and love on her - and Georgia couldn't go anywhere.

08.31.10 003

And the "big girls" found Georgia's toys to be more interesting than she did.

08.31.10 016

And speaking of the "big girls" (my nieces and third cousins), my how they love to be artistic. It's such a wonderful thing, watching little minds ponder over which hue of crayon to choose or which shades of Play-Doh to twirl together. So many decisions and each combination of decisions evolves into the perfect masterpiece of colors, creativity and love.

color collage

And then there's my husband's creativity, what I get when I mix Georgia's hair with sunscreen so her little scalp doesn't fry.

08.31.10 036

08.31.10 038

I think he secretly dreams she'll be a punk rocker.

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