October 1, 2010 - How the Heck Do I Get Out?

This post is proof of how behind I am on this blog. This is my October 1st post and it is October 20th. Yikes!!! Our family has just done too many big things lately where I take tons of pictures. It has me WWWAAAYYYY behind on my editing. Now that trips and birthdays are over, I am determined to catch up. Except for the fact that were going to the pumpkin patch this weekend where I will no doubt take 100+ pictures. OK, new goal... get caught up before Sunday and its pumpkins. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

That said, on October 1st, Georgia was very proud of herself for finally figuring out she can crawl through the chairs and under the dining room table.

10.01.10 002

That pride lasted all of two minutes though, when she then figured out she had no idea how to get back out from under said table.

10.01.10 006

Oh, a little more learning left to do.

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