September 30, 2010 - She Loves Turkey, Right?

So why doesn't Georgia want to be a turkey head? My husband picked up this lovely turkey hat from Target the other day, and I thought a picture of Georgia wearing it would make a very cute Thanksgiving card for our family members. (those family members reading this, keep reading before you get your hopes up) Did I get the desired picture...

09.27.10 042

Yeah, no. I was lucky to get her in the same shot with it. But she was more than happy to give me shots like this...

09.27.10 047

And this...

09.27.10 048

Um, yeah, I don't know.

Then Bailey decided the turkey hat was getting too much attention, so he snuck in the shot just as I was snapping it.

09.27.10 054

And he would... just... not... leave.

09.27.10 057

09.27.10 064

09.27.10 068

09.27.10 071

Then Bailey just pushed Georgia right out of the shot. Camera hog... or dog. (forgive me, it's late)

09.27.10 080

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