September 23, 2010 - Yes, It's Art.

When Georgia comes home from daycare every day, she comes home with a progress report of sorts. When she ate, how much she ate, when she peed, when she pooped, when she napped and what she did that day. I know, riveting.

This week under the "what she did section," it said "Georgia made an apple. She glues on a leaf, a stem, a worm and a hole... and she did it all by herself." What?!?!?! She did it? That was enough to bring a tear to this mommy eye. OK, more than one tear. OK, yeah, I did the happy, ugly cry for a moment.


So today, Georgia and I set out to make some artwork at home. OK, I set out and Georgia followed. Here's our end result.

09.23.10 006

So I:
-traced the leaves
-cut the leaves out
-found the glue
-glued on the grass and the trunk/branches
-put the glue on the back of the leaves
-"guided" Georgia's little hands with leaves in tow to the paper
-hung finished artwork on the fridge

-humored mommy
-tried to eat the glue
-tried to eat the paper
-tried to eat the glue and the paper together
-put the one red maple leaf on the tree trunk mostly by her self

So how do you like "Georgia's" artwork?

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