October 9, 2010 - Haven't Had This One in There Before...

We leave tomorrow for the big birthday week in Georgia for my sweet little Georgia. Am I ready? No. Am I packed? Only about half way. Is everything ready for the party? Not a chance. Will I get any help to get to the finish line? Hee, hee... I made a funny. (that would be a no) AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

But after I got home from work tonight (at 11 p.m.), I started to finish the out-of-town preparations. And I looked down at the suitcase and smiled and thought "I've never had that in my suitcase before."

Laying there among the jeans and shirts and dresses was a pair of glittery butterfly wings.

10.09.10 005-3

They're for my daughter - she's having a butterfly party. I wonder how long they'll actually stay on her. I give it 30 seconds. But it's a reminder of how much my life and my husband's life have changed in the last year. We (I) now pack butterfly wings.

That 3 a.m. wake-up call will come very early, even earlier with the one hour of sleep I'll be lucky to get. ::yawn::

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