September 14, 2010 - Another Try...

Soooo, still no birthday invitation pictures which means no birthday invitations ordered yet. ::gulp:: We're less than one month from Georgia's first birthday and one month and two days from the party. I am so behind!

This prompted me to do something a rationale woman/mother would probably not attempt - a photo shoot (again) with a sick baby oozing snot and who knows what else. Nevertheless, a wipe of the nose (OK, a lot of wiping and suctioning of the nose) and outside we went.

Such a sad girl...

09.14.10 004

... so sad I didn't even notice the pink blanket I had her sitting on was reflecting on her face. And did I mention it rained overnight? The ground was soaked. My idea was getting worse by the minute.

So is Georgia's demeanor. But can you blame her?

09.14.10 006

When the tears started, my mommy guilt kicked in. We were done. Cuddles and kisses commence and smiles soon followed. Pictures, however, did not.

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