September 16, 2010 - Maybe I'm Crazy!

... but I'm giving those birthday invite pictures another try. My little lovely is starting to feel better and is in a much better mood. However Mother Nature is still not cooperating, the ground is still wet.

That's what shoes are for, right? Oh, and hopes that she doesn't plop down on the ground in her cream-colored dress. Sheez, I need to have my head examined.

Well, here we go:

09.16.10 016-3

09.16.10 022-2

09.16.10 039

Since when did my daughter have bags and dark circles under her eyes? OK, the dark circles I'll take the blame for... damn DNA. But they've never been this dark. And the bags, I can only assume that's what a week-long cold packed.

I'm losing hope. Scratch take 3.

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