December 1, 2010 - Mmm.. You Mix Chocolate with What?

Hazelnuts, Georgia. Hazelnuts.

Georgia had her first experience with the magical, mystical, heavenly spread known as the "best stuff on earth," a.k.a Nutella. I fell in love with this stuff years ago during college in the hostels of Europe. They always had it as breakfast time. Yum. It just would not be right for me to not pass the love on to my daughter.

I've noticed things she likes usually wind up on her face, so I think this is a "like."

12.01.10 015-2

12.01.10 002

Until they come out with a "reduced fat" Nutella (which will more than likely be never), I can now mostly live out my love through Georgia. May she have many happy years with the heavenly concoction.

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