November 30, 2010 - Socks Don't Go There!

We're still working daily on what is what and what goes where with Georgia. Gosh, being a wee one must be exhausting. I can't imagine not knowing what any of my body parts are called or where a "shoe" goes or in Georgia's most recent case, where a "sock" goes.

Apparently, she thinks a sock (in this case my sock) goes in her mouth.

11.30.10 016

And apparently, it is never supposed to leave her mouth... ever.

11.30.10 008

And it's a lot of fun to swing side to side like an elephant's trunk or something.

11.30.10 006

Don't let this innocent look fool you. If I could only begin to describe the tantrum when I finally had to take the sock from Georgia.

11.30.10 001

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