November 29, 2010 - Third Time's the Charm?

So "Finkleton I" and "Finkleton II" were short-lived on this earth. They quickly traveled to that golden fishbowl in the sky.

But I can be stubborn, and I am not giving up yet in my quest to get Georgia her "first" pet. Yeah, so were officially at #3, but I'm going to say if you don't survive the first week, you don't count in the pet count.

So here's Georgia first pet (#3).

11.28.10 013

Notice we finally went with the Betta. I am giving up on those delicate goldfish. Is everything getting more high-maintenance as the years pass? I don't remember goldfish being so delicate when I was a kid. I remember hardy, "I'll live in anything" goldfish. Go figure.

Here's to a long life, Finkleton III!

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