December 5, 2010 - O Christmas Tree!

Today I'd like to show you pictures of Georgia all bundled up, her dark eyes peeking out from under a furry pink hat with ear flaps. I'd like to show you her red nose and her red cheeks, a perfect match to mommy's. I'd like to show you our search through rows and rows of possibilities wrapped up in the green-needled branches of various pines. I'd like to show you the exasperation on my husband's face as I decide I need to look one more time at my favorite trees. I'd like to show you Georgia gingerly reaching out to touch the Christmas needles, only to coil back at their light bite. I'd like to show you all these things, but when we arrived at the Christmas tree farm today and walked out into the middle of the tree-speckled field, I looked with dread at my camera and its flashing battery light.

So instead of all the wonderful pictures that could have been, you get these, a tree I finally got up and standing around midnight.

12.05.10 009-2

12.05.10 016

12.05.10 011

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