December 2, 2010 - Sinks Make Perfect Seats

Four days a week I face the challenge of getting ready for work while juggling Georgia. My biggest question is where to put her? While I'm focusing on my makeup or blow dryer or flat iron or contact lenses or whatever else, she seems to find any thing and every thing to get into in our partially child-proofed bedroom.

Today, my answer was this:

12.02.10 027

Give the kid a toothbrush, a she's happy for an hour! Give her two, mine and my husband's, and maybe she'll be happy for two!

12.02.10 017

She's so happy she even wants to share on of her toothbrushes...

12.02.10 003

... and then she drops on of them...

12.02.10 022

... and is no longer happy or in the sharing mood.

12.02.10 023

Oh well, at least I had time to get my contact lenses in.

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