February 11, 2010 - The Best and Worst Collided

There is a very special place on Georgia's dresser bookshelves. It's a place where sometimes I see my heart sitting up on that shelf, in pieces. It's a place where sometimes my mind can go back and live for a moment in memories, in a place where things are as they always have been, a place where people don't die. I hope it's a place where Georgia one day finds understanding of what took place just days before she changed and brightened my life forever with her birth. I hope it's a place that she looks to with love and acceptance of a wonderful woman she'll never meet.

02.11.10 blog

On that shelf sits a picture of Georgia's Oma, my mother, holding me when I was a baby. It's a picture surrounded by pieces of the love Oma felt for Georgia before she ever had the chance to meet her. Little knick-knacks a grandmother buys a granddaughter, reminding her how much she'll always be loved. Georgia lost her Oma to cancer two days before she was born, gone four months to this day. But I have no doubt that day Georgia gained the most loving guardian angel who has ever existed. We miss you Oma.

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