February 1, 2010 - The Art of Projectile Vomit

Today is Monday, my day off, so I thought I'd use the extra time to take some studio-like pictures of Georgia. Her grandmother recently knitted her a cute pink bonnet that would look adorable in the pictures. So I sent up the black backdrop, put the Bumbo seat underneath it, dressed Georgia in a onsie that would match the bonnet, got the camera ready and then put Georgia in the chair. Not two seconds later - BLAH!!!

02.01.10 blog

Lovely, white, sour milk vomit flew from Georgia's precious little mouth. I still can't understand how so many vile substances can come out of such a sweet baby. And what you can't see in this picture is that the vomit got some distance - at least a foot! I don't know if that's a talent that she can use later in life, but if it is, let me tell you Georgia is set. We'll go for round 2 on the bonnet pictures another day.

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