February 24, 2010 - Bought But Never Seen

02.24.10 blog

It's probably a lesson most new parents learn - babies wear a lot fewer clothes than what's been lovingly bought, washed and hung in their closet. And with that lesson comes another, that saying time flies is really true. As Georgia prepares to fly into size 3-6 months, and leave 0-3 months behind and forever forgotten, I'll shed a few tears for a time I will never feel, see, smell or hear again. Three months that witnessed so many monumental changes on an infant scale, our little girl hatched into a little human with a big personality. Three months in my life that truly did go by too quickly. As if I needed glaring, bright pink proof hanging defiant before me, there in Georgia's closet hang 0-3 sized outfits she never even had time to wear, price tags still blowing in those winds of change that seem to blow through our home daily these days.

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