February 23, 2010 - The Language of Mommy

It's theme week at Georgia's daycare and today is mix and match day. What the heck does that mean? I feel like a mommy failure as I scratch and dig through Georgia's closet looking for the correct combination of mixing and matching. What combination of socks, pants and shirts can bake up the perfect dish for today? Thank God she won't remember these days and by the time she does, hopefully I'll be talking this new language like my tongue was never without it.

No one ever tells you parenting comes with its own set of nouns and verbs and acronyms that only others who have created young know and understand. I should have known when I first got on the pregnancy chat boards and saw things like DD,DS,BM and pedi that it would only get worse once my little one was here and my world of parenting expanded like my belly was at the time. A year ago, I would have thought pedi was something to do with feet, not slang for pediatrician. DD is not like AA, it actually stands for darling daughter and knowing that one, guess what DS stands for? Yep, those darling sons. Now BM can get a little tricky and could make for some interesting conversations if you confuse its dual meanings with the wrong crowd. On the chat boards, BM is breast milk. However, at Georgia's daycare is bowel movement. See what I mean, we don't want to feed the baby the wrong BM.

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The language will come in time, too bad they don't make a Rosetta Stone for this one. I did know what to do for crazy hair day this week. It's just too bad Georgia doesn't have any hair. In case you were wondering, my lame attempt at mix and match day was a striped onsie with polka dot pants and green socks that look like sneakers. I know, not great but I'm building my vocabulary as we go.

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