February 22, 2010 - It Started with a Sweater

02.22.10 blog1

Today's picture started out being all about a sweater and not so much about the little girl in that sweater. A sweater, given as a gift, which I found beautiful and which Georgia is quickly outgrowing. I wanted to capture the pattern of the knitting, the blush of the pink and the delicate design of the flowers before the sweater was forgotten in some box buried in the back of a closet.

02.22.10 blog2

It started out with a sweater, but it didn't take much to get sucked into that doe-eyed look that holds the innocence of a babe...

02.22.10 blog3

... and find it adorable how the weight of her head can be cause for a much needed rest on the bed...

02.22.10 blog4

... or wish life was simple enough again to find fascination in the texture of a blanket.

It started with a sweater, but the shoot today ended with a mother once again in awe of the beauty of and so much in love with her perfect little girl.

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