February 17, 2010 - She'll Get You

Grab the toy, grab the hair, grab the necklace, grab the sleeve, grab the shirt, grab the blanket, grab the cup... repeat... and then repeat again and again. Georgia is at that point in life where everything has a feel and is new and she is going to sense it all as quickly as her chubby, little fingers can grasp. Many times what she's grabbing for is in one way or another attached to me, like my shirt sleeve or my finger.

02.17.10 blog

I can't imagine how wonderful it must be for every thing's texture - the blanket's fuzziness, the cup's hard, plastic edge, the necklace's smooth, cool pearls - to feel completely new and exciting. Life through the eyes, or in the case hands, of a babe must be wondrous.

02.17.10 blog2

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