February 9, 2010 - My Little Monkey

I loved my pregnant belly during those nine months of pregnancy. I loved the way maternity clothes fell across my ever protruding girth. I loved the feel of my tightening skin as I wondered if it could stretch anymore. I even loved to watch my belly button getting smaller and smaller as if one day I would wake up and it would just be gone. My pregnant belly, to me, was a delicate picture of womanhood.

The little Georgia in that pregnant belly seemed to envision it a little differently. To her, I imagine it was more like an ever shrinking, pitch black playground. I swear she was dreaming of a future as a gymnast as she twisted and turned and did back flips. Or maybe it was a future as a karate champion as she chopped and batted and kicked.

02.09.10 blog

To me though, she was just my little monkey. It was the name I endeared to her while I housed her within me. Her daddy even scoured much of Omaha to find the perfect stuffed monkey before our little primate swung into the world. Even now when I watch her squirm and kick and throw her arms about, I can't help but think how my little monkey is growing up.

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