April 30, 2010 - A Contradictory Onsie

My little Georgia in her Georgia (Uga) onsie. How fitting.

04.30.10 BLOG1

This little outfit is a canvas of contradictions for me. Bitter and sweet, happiness and sadness, love and dislike - whichever you choose.

Happiness in that it suites my little lovely so well, plus it stands for my Alma Matter and the place where I met my husband. Perfect. And it was a gift from my mother (Georgia's Oma) before Georgia was born.

Sadness comes though from that last sentence. My mother sent me several outfits for Georgia before she passed away, but this is the last one Georgia will ever fit into. This is the largest size my mother sent, and after this one, there is nothing. No more clothes to dress her in and say, "your Oma sent you this because she loved you before she even knew you. She loves you still." No more little outfits to dress Georgia in knowing that in her final days, my mom picked it out with my little lovely in mind.

See? Contradictions. But enough of the sadness. She's too beautiful of a baby for all that.

04.30.10 BLOG2

Sherry C  – (May 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM)  

You have such a beautiful blog.. i was in tears reading your daughters birth story. I love how you are celebrating your daughters life. Your mom would be so proud.

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