May 26, 2010 - My How We Grow

I noticed something today. You know, on most days I'm in awe of how quickly Georgia is growing up. It's cliche, but it seems like just yesterday I had this little, tiny baby who couldn't even fill out the newborn-sized onsies. Now, were filling up the nine months clothes at seven and a half months. But so many days I just notice all the little details as a whole, maybe I don't have time to notice them individually. But today, I noticed.

Georgia's feet touch the bottom of her exersaucer. I finally realized I can remove the folded up blanket that used to give her that extra two inches she'll probably crave one day when she realizes she got her parents' height. But for now, such a big girl!

05.26.10 012

And this was then, when she first got her exersaucer at four months of age.

02.14.10 004

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