May 20, 2010 - All the Way From France

OK, so maybe I missed the boat, maybe this long journey across the ocean from France is a little belated. After all, Georgia has eight teeth already. But it took me this long to order her a Sophie the Giraffe. ::bad mommy, bows head::

05.20.10 029

If you don't know what a Sophie is, it seems to be the go to toy for mother's with teething (or even non-teething) babies. It is made in France and has supposedly been all the baby rage in Europe for decades. Now we Americans are really catching on and you can't hit a mommy chat board without seeing Sophie mentioned quite regularly. So I caved, after seven months (16 if you count the pregnancy). Yes, I've been thinking about getting the damn giraffe for that long.

05.20.10 017

Quite the build up of anticipation I must say. So? Well, Sophie sure is cute. I was a little put off by the strong rubber smell when I first opened the box, but it has faded some and Georgia doesn't seem to mind it. And I was actually expecting Sophie to be made of some harder substance, but I'm really glad it's not. It seems to be the perfect teething consistency, making me really wish I'd gotten my Internet ordering in gear a little earlier when all eight of those pearly whites were maneuvering through Georgia's gums. And Sophie squeaks, like a dog toy. Georgia loves it!

05.21.10 036

How much she loves Sophie overall... well let's just say after a few days they're still making friends. But I've caught Georgia chewing giraffe feet and ears several times already, and pounding on Sophie to make her squeak. Toy abuse is always a good sign, right?

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