May 7, 2010 - Neon Green

Georgia's daddy took one look at the pictures on my screen and said "what is that?"

05.07.10 blog3

OK, so he's not too impressed with my latest photo prop, but I thought Georgia looked cute in this flowered headband with colors reminiscent of a shade on Rainbow Brite from my little girl days. I think I even sprayed my hair this color one Halloween.

05.07.10 blog2

Georgia just thought she had a new toy on her head. She just kept touching that flower, figuring out this new texture to add to that card file of textures I know she must be keeping in that brilliant head of hers.

05.07.10 blog1

One day, years from now, as a mother and daughter look back on aged pictures of tiny baby hands and feet, a first bath or a messy meal, Georgia will probably echo her daddy's words, asking me what the heck was on her head. I'm loving the moments now, and I look forward to those moments then.

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