May 2, 2010 - It's a Walk in the Park

I love state and national parks. I love the intricate beauties they hold and reveal to you layer upon layer as you delve deeper and deeper into them. And I love that there is nothing commercial or overpriced about them. It makes them feel honest and clean and good, and what a better way to spend the afternoon with my two favorites? So we headed to nearby Mahoney State Park today.

We found this luscious iris garden there, just starting to reveal its beauty petal by awakening petal.

05.02.10 BLOG8

05.02.10 BLOG7

05.02.10 BLOG6

And can you tell my little one just loves being worn in her Baby Bjorn? Ever since we turned her around so she's taking on the world face to face, she just hoots and hollers and swings her arms and legs. She is a sight to behold.

05.02.10 BLOG4

We also climbed a high lookout tower, where there was nothing between us and the heavenly sky.

05.02.10 BLOG2

Just before heading home, with that exhausted but incredibly happy feeling that is just bliss, I caught daddy and daughter taking a quick break in the coolness under a great oak.

05.02.10 BLOG1

Yes, this beautiful park revealed herself to us today. All of her beauties in turn beautified our souls.

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