May 5, 2010 - Heritage

These days I always seem to be late for everything, so why not Cinco de Mayo too? I took this picture on the 5th as a "happy Cinco de Mayo" picture. Good news is it did make it to my FB page on the 5th, but it's not making it up here until... um... what is it, the (checks computer calendar) 8th! So happy *belated* Cinco de Mayo.

05.05.10 008

Cinco de Mayo got me thinking about heritage. It seems these days so many of us are a little bit of this and a tiny dab of that and a sprinkle of something extra. I remember researching my family tree for a class project in the 4th or 5th grade, going to my grandmother on my dad's side and my great-grandmother on my mom's side to get the bulk on my generational information. Names, marriages, years born and died, births, even a few well-known Americans. I learned my love for gardening might just be inherited. After all, I'm related to America's first botanist. But I also learned my family tree is pretty boring - English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh for the most part. ::yawn:: Never seemed to fit my dark looks either. Hmmm...

Georgia of course inherits my bloodlines of boring, pasty and what I can only imagine as stuffy 1700's English folk (not that I don't love the English. I promise, went to university there for a while and loved it), but she is also entwined with her daddy's background. I'm not too clear entirely on what all of his family heritage is (::makes mental note to find out one day::), but I do know there is Mexican-American heritage and I'm told some Italian. At least Georgia's dark features will make perfect sense - lucky, unconfused girl.

05.05.10 BLOG2

Perhaps one day she'll hold tight to her Mexican heritage and learn Spanish, or perhaps she'll want to find the rainy, misty hamlet in England where my family left to board a ship bound for America. Or maybe she'll just realize she a perfect mix of so many lands and as American as they come. But most of all, I hope she will always embrace her heritage and love the history that crossed paths through the years to arrive at this point - Georgia.

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