May 23, 2010 - Down the Chute!

It's one of our first summer-like evenings in Nebraska this year. You know the kind. The sun is already dipping low in the sky yet the thickness and heaviness of the air still envelops you the moment you walk outside. Those kind of days when you walk back into your house with its chilled air, you instantly get a chill and think oh, this feels so heavenly. Georgia is getting her first taste of humidity and temperatures above 80 degrees. Lovely!

So a trip to the subdivision playground was a must this evening. Georgia in her stroller and mommy and daddy walking side by side, passing the other houses and commenting about the other lives as we do - the landscaping, the drums coming from the open window, the dog that never stops barking, that rusted wheelbarrow that has not moved in the four years we've lived here.

And then we're there, the playground that Georgia is still young enough to be ambivalent to but that will one day be a source of joy and laughter and probably a few skinned knees.

05.23.10 048

And Georgia went down her first slide ever - with daddy in tow of course.

05.23.10 018

I don't know if she realized it though.

05.23.10 012

05.23.10 036

And then I took advantage of the beautiful, warm light and took a few more pictures of my darling.

05.23.10 152-2

05.23.10 146-2

05.23.10 126

05.23.10 164

05.23.10 130

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