May 14, 2010 - Surprise to Mama - There's 6!

Oh, my little lovely never ceases to surprise and amaze me and make me so proud. So I initially thought Georgia was about to get two teeth. Then her pedi tells me no, it looks like she's getting all four teeth on the top at the same time. Then low and behold, six teeth break the gums all within 24 hours. S-I-X. And my daughter with the patience and pain tolerance well beyond anything I'll ever grasp has barely fussed while all of this movement was going on inside that wee little mouth of hers. She is my little rock.

We now have two more on the bottom to add to the two already there and four on the top for a grand total of eight teeth. Oh, nursing is going to be fun tonight. *gulp* Check out those chompers.

05.14.10 BLOG1

Yeah, that's an "up the nose" shot, but it was the only good shot I was able to get of those teeth. Ouch!

Despite it though, here she is having such a good time watching the fan. A "throw your arms and legs in the air" kind of good time. I love that about my daughter, her personality is golden.

05.14.10 BLOG2

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