May 8, 2010 - Sitting Pretty

As first time parents, I know my husband and I are carefully treading through this new land, this sometimes still foreign world to us where we must ask the locals to speak slower so we can understand the language. We step lightly, picking our way through diaper changes and solid vs liquid food and baby medication doses and alternative immunization schedules and daycare and so on. For us, some days we hesitate at certain steps, certain changes, not quite knowing if they're the right ones. And then when we make our move, at least for me, I'm left wondering what was the big deal or why didn't we do that sooner?

It was evidenced again today, when I finally put Georgia in her stroller without the baby carrier attached to it.

05.08.10 BLOG

Why, she's been sitting up for well more than a month now. Why have we been forcing her to watch the world from the confines of her carrier when we go for strolls? A fear she just wasn't ready to grow up. The same applied to the Baby Bjorn. It took me forever to face the poor girl forward, just kept cramming her wee little face into my chest. Finally, I took the plunge and let my girl see the world and she's loving it!

I'm sure our hesitations will lessen as our steps through parenthood become more sure, more solid. I hope our hesitations don't hold Georgia back forever. I don't think she'll let them. This girl is surging forward, and taking us along for the fabulous ride.

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