June 19, 2010 - Whatever You Do, Just Don't Put Her Down!

Who doesn't want to be loved, needed, wanted, the center of another's world? Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, if it's every second of every day and it involves lugging around an 18 pound baby... I'm not gonna lie, it can wear on you.

Georgia is going through a new phase. It's called "mommy and daddy - NEVER put me down. NEVER." Doing so leaves Georgia screaming, and not just the I'm wet or I'm poopy or I'm hungry or tired kind of scream. No, it's the someone just cut my arm off-kind of scream. And... it... doesn't... stop. Yeah!

We're trying very hard to just let her sit there and cry. After all, she always has toys and we're always in sight. It's just we're not HOLDING her. We tell her it's for her own good that she learns to not be so dependent, that nothing is hurting her, that we're right here. Yet still, she screams.

We try to be strong, but even the best of intentions don't always work. Today, it was daddy who gave in, and magically those tears stopped instantly.

06.19.10 004

06.19.10 021

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