June 5, 2010 - Musical Muse

I remember the days when I was a muse. I inspired, I motivated, I influenced and I sparked the imagination of my dear husband when it came to his writing, musical or otherwise. But I fear these days my powers as a muse are fading into the shadow of a much younger and more captivating "goddess" if you will - my daughter. And she's not only inspiring music, this girl's is determined to make her own as well. Our little rock star.

06.05.10 014-5

06.05.10 016-2

Look at that tongue of determination!

06.05.10 006-3

And not that I can blame my husband for finding inspiration in our little sprite. After all, she is my muse every day as I snap that camera shutter and write these words. My musical, magical muse.

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