June 2, 2010 - Can't Have Too Many.

Blankets that is. When we first started receiving baby gifts, I started thinking what the heck am I going to do with all of these baby blankets? Hmmm, unique carpet for the house? Quilt for all our beds? Spit up-proof slip covers for the couches?

But I soon realized there's a reason people give you a lot of baby blankets... they have many uses and you go through quite a few in a week (and with a baby, laundry no longer gets done as often as it should).

We use our baby blankets for Georgia to nap on, for Georgia to nap under, as spit up catchers and moppers, as rain covers, as sun blockers, as nursing covers, to prop up her mattress when she's congested, even to help Georgia's feet reach the bottom of her exersaucer when she first got it. Bring on the all-purpose baby blankets! They rock.

And Georgia has her own uses:

06.02.10 020


06.02.10 047

Practice dexterity.

06.02.10 042


06.02.10 040-2

Peek-a-boo prop.

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