May 30, 2010 - From Veggies to Splashes...

... what a busy, busy Sunday. But it has been a fabulous one with two gigantic firsts (and one minor one).

So the day started with Georgia's first trip to the farmer's market (the minor first).

05.30.10 022

What a yummy place! The colors hit you head on as you walk up to the rows and rows of white tents and vendors, shades of greens, purples, reds, yellows - the entire rainbow and then some. Then there are the smells, oh those lovely scents carried softly by the breeze. And the steady murmur of voices and clanging and paper bags and food cooking all together creates a welcome hum.

Georgia just didn't know where to look.

05.30.10 001

05.30.10 013

05.30.10 004-2

There was a cupcake shop right next to the farmer's market. Need I say more? I can't wait until the day Georgia gets her own. I think she'd go for one of these.

05.30.10 018

In the afternoon, time for the first "big first" of the day. We headed here:

05.30.10 025

And did you notice that cute little stripped number on Georgia? Yes, it's a bathing suit! Georgia went swimming for the first time!! OK, it was really more like she was carried around the pool for the first time, but I'm calling it swimming. And she loved it. She even kicked.

05.30.10 066

05.30.10 047

Her favorite part of the pool though was splashing. I completely blame her rubber duckies in the bathtub for that.

05.30.10 070

And what you ask, could top all of this? Drum roll.... Georgia said her first word!! Her daddy heard it first, that's how I know I'm not just crazy and she really said it. And then once we encouraged her, she said it like 100 times. And what you ask again would be the perfect word for my little lovely to choose for her very first, what word could be that important? "Mama." Oh, she steals my heart over and over again.

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