June 24, 2010 - Papa Arrives Bearing a Turtle!

I was very, very anxious about today. I wasn't sure what I would feel or how I would react or what would fill my mind. My father arrived in Omaha today from Georgia (where he lives), and it's the first time Georgia has seen her Papa since she was born and the first time I've seen him since my mom's funeral. It's also the first time in decades I can remember being around my father for more than a few hours without my mom being there. So let me tell you, I was scared of the mom memories that might surface. The two were like a package deal, so why wouldn't the memories still be the same? But I was THRILLED he was coming to visit Georgia.

And he arrived with his first gift for Georgia - a stuffed sea turtle. Adorable!

06.24.10 023

06.24.10 036

And you know what, it is great to see him. Are the mom memories there? Of course, but they're here every day, regardless of my father's presence. Do I wish like hell she was here with him to see Georgia? There's not a cell in my body not wishing for that, but again, his visit didn't change that. Am I so glad he came to visit? Without a doubt.

Georgia took to her Papa quite quickly, and aside from one short-lived crying episode, has loved every moment with her Papa. This is the first family member she's seen since she's been out of the baby blob stage - basically since she was two months old. Yeah for Papa!

And yeah for Georgia's new sea-loving friend, a reminder of my childhood in the Florida Keys. That's where our new friend came from via Papa.

06.24.10 030

Also today, another first for the book, although I haven't caught a picture of it yet. As the hubs and I were slowly waking up this morning, Georgia was already awake and singing to herself in her co-sleeper next to me. I look over and all I see are her two hands sticking up out of the co-sleeper... and they're clapping! My little lovely decided to clap for the first time today. It's like it just clicked this morning in her head - "oh, this is clapping." Clap, clap, clap. I elbowed the hubs and mouthed the word "look," but too slow. She had stopped. But no worries, 30 seconds later she was clapping away again, and we both watched with beaming pride. Our little girl's growing up.

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